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Welcome to the Steve Claydon HQ, This is where you will find everything Steve Claydon. Great to see you!


Whether you're looking for a children's story to inspire all the little people in your life, to in-depth sales and marketing strategies. We've got you covered. Click on the images below and read the back cover blurb to see which one (or perhaps all of them) might be worth a read.

Steve Claydon
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As the saying goes, 'the more the merrier', why don't you allow your eyeballs to consume a couple more words than you would have otherwise

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'The Project Principle: How To Create Singularity Of Purpose And Scale Your Company Exponentially' Is Out Now!

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The Story Behind The Story...

Hi. I'm Steve Claydon. I write books. I speak for a living and I am a caffeine fuelled businessman... In October 2016, I spent two weeks in San Francisco writing my latest book 'The Opposite Effect', which was released March 2017. One Moonboot (yes broken ankle), one Macbook Pro, one life changing experience.

My next adventure, titled 'The Project Principle', was written in Germany during July 2018, accompanied by a 45 minute documentary, which competed in film festivals world wide and is available to watch now!

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