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“In the modern business landscape, The Opposite Effect has become less of an intellectually entertaining concept and more of a survival necessity to remaining relevant in the ever-changing game of harnessing the buying market’s fleeting attention.


And if there’s one form of business suicide that’s sure to get the job done its going into a market offering the same service, in the same way, at the same price as everyone else.


Because of that alone, The Opposite Effect must be taught to all aspiring entrepreneurs and business dreamers that don’t want to be a statistic.”

- Darcy J Smyth – Lead Trainer of The Tonal Persuasion Method


The Opposite Effect – The Difference Between Winning and Losing in The World Of Entrepreneurship uncovers exactly what it takes to stand out from the masses in business and occupy a valuable piece of ‘real estate’ in your potential clients mind.


Explore what it means to adopt the chess player’s mindset when it comes to sales process, marketing and personal branding and leverage your unfair advantage to take market share time and time again.


That’s exactly what you’re going to discover in this unconventional sales and business book as the author takes you on a fourteen-day journey from Sydney, Australia to the entrepreneurial hub of San Francisco; sharing deep and personal insights influenced by his surroundings and the conversations he had with strangers along the way.


It’s a rich mix of storytelling, first person first-person journaling with sound business and sales advice founded on experience that makes The Opposite Effect something truly unique.


(384 page, 6.0 x 9.0 Hard Cover)

The Opposite Effect

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