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Steve Claydon is an 2x #1 Best Selling Author (6x Author), Documentary Producer and Business Growth Strategist. Steve has built/invested in five companies (Equip Consulting Australia, Equip Creative, Habitat Coworking, Shoebox Publications and Why Bravo) has written and published six books ('The Diary of a S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Driven Kid', 'Sales Juice - A Concentrated and Complete Selling System', 'The Opposite Effect - The Difference Between Winning And Losing In The World Of Entrepreneurship', 'The Future Of Selling', ‘The Project Principle’ and children's book 'Sammy the Salmon - Go Against The Flow').

With an unquenchable desire to help projects related companies continually grow, Steve has directly worked with over 300+ companies and 7,000+ sales professionals. Helping generate $850M+ for his clients.

Most of Steve's time is spent working closely with sales & business development teams across the planet to help them go from missing sales, opportunities, and targets, to well and truly exceeding them!

It's his passion for positive change through combining Unique Education, Human Behaviour Profiling, Proprietary Sales Technology and careful Strategy Implementation that makes all the difference and proves a result you can count on.

Steve takes the time to understand the individuality of each company he works with to develop the practical applications (The War Map) but also the psychological necessities required to deliver results at levels which were never deemed possible, all of which culminates into ‘The Project Principle', implemented in your business over 13 months. Something that was painstakingly developed over 8 years ‘in the trenches’, creating the most in-depth, holistic and revolutionary business development process of its kind!

Above all else, Steve is a Dad to his two girls Alyssa and Nora and husband to Anna.

Think Big, Create Often and Produce Always.


Talk soon?

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